The consequences of omega-imbalanced diets are truly dire ... but it's not hard to correct that imbalance.

We first heard about this issue at a 2005 conference, in a speech by renowned biochemist, Professor William E. Lands, PhD.

Dr. Lands recently published a paper designed to educate and recruit health professionals, employers, and insurers.

The paper – "Creating Benefits from Omega-3 Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals” – makes a convincing, compelling, actionable case.

Dr. Lands and his co-author, Catharine Clark, M.S., explain the science, provide "balance scores” for common foods, and present a free on-line tool called Omega Meals.

Parts of their paper speak in technical terms, so you can just scan the introduction, and then share the paper with your practitioners, your health insurer, and with management and human resources at your employer.

And please share the concise YouTube talk by Catharine Clark – Omega Balance Wellness: The Economics – in which she details the huge healthcare costs related to America's omega imbalance, and explains how employers can cut costs by educating employees.

Dr. Lands' target audience includes many laypersons, and you can refer them to these video and plain-English essays on our website:
Help Dr. Lands and his colleagues alert the people and institutions whose advocacy and actions could save many people's health ... and serious money!