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HealthWise Rewards Program
Get “HealthWise” ... and save!

Earn rewards with our popular HealthWise "frequent online shopper" rewards program …the more you spend, the more you get back ... there are no limits to the Rewards you can earn!

How does our HealthWise Rewards Program work?

Whenever a HealthWise program member places 9 qualifying orders within one year, we send them a Gift Certificate equal to the average cost of those 9 orders ... a credit they can apply to future orders.

And, as our thanks for signing up, you will receive a 5% discount on your first HealthWise order!

What is a qualifying order?

  • Only orders placed online qualify for HealthWise rewards.
  • Orders that include other discounts, free bonuses, or promo codes do NOT count toward HealthWise rewards.
  • Shipping charges do NOT count toward HealthWise rewards.

Getting started with HealthWise

  • You must have a Vital Choice account to participate.
  • If you do not already have an account, go to the upper right corner of any page and click Login/Register to create a secure account, quickly and easily.
  • To enroll, fill your Cart with a qualifying order, and enter the code HEALTHWISE in the box under your Cart labeled "Enter Promo Code Here".
  • If you wish, you can click on the Recalculate button to the right of the Promo Code box, to see the 5% discount that applies to your first HealthWise order.

  • Click on “Checkout” and proceed to complete your order as usual.

  • Do NOT re-enter the code while placing future orders, as this will remove all previous qualifying orders from your HealthWise account.

How to earn HealthWise rewards

  • You will have 1 year – your personal “HealthWise Year” – in which to place 8 more qualifying orders.
  • If you place a total of 9 qualifying orders within one year we will email you a HealthWise Reward Gift Certificate equal to the average dollar total of those 9 orders, not including any shipping charges*.
  • Enter the Reward Gift Code below the credit card information where indicated on the Review page of the checkout process.
  • We will automatically apply your Reward credit toward that purchase, and charge any remaining balance to your credit card.
  • If that order doesn't use up your HealthWise Reward, just re-enter the same Reward Gift Code during your next order.

*For example, if the dollar average of your qualifying orders equals $135, you will receive a HealthWise Reward Gift Certificate by email, with a Reward Gift Code you can use to order up to $135 worth of Vital Choice products at no charge, other than applicable shipping fees (all orders of $99 or more ship free).

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HealthWise Years

The following rules apply to your first HealthWise Year and to all subsequent HealthWise Years:

  • If you place 9 qualifying orders within one year of placing your first qualifying HealthWise order, a new HealthWise Year will begin on the date when you next place a qualifying order, and that date will mark the start of your new HealthWise Year.
  • Say, for example, that you placed your very first HealthWise order on Nov. 1, 2012 and placed your 9th qualifying* order on Oct. 31, 2013.
  • If you place a new HealthWise-qualified* order on Nov. 20, 2013, this would be your new HealthWise Anniversary, and the start date for your next HealthWise Year, which would end on Nov. 19, 2014.
  • To receive a Reward related to that new HealthWise Year, you would need to place 9 qualifying orders between Nov. 20, 2013 and Nov. 19, 2014.
  • If you do NOT place 9 qualifying orders within one year of placing your first HealthWise order, your new HealthWise Year will reset to a date one year past the date when you placed your first HealthWise order:
  • Say, for example, that you placed your first HealthWise order on Nov. 1, 2012, and did not place a 9th qualifying order by Oct. 31, 2013 (i.e., within that current HealthWise Year).
  • In that case, your new HealthWise Anniversary date would be Nov. 1, 2013 and your new HealthWise Year would end on Oct. 31, 2014. Your qualifying order count would be reset to zero, as we do not carry over the previous year's orders.
  • To receive a Reward related to the new HealthWise Year, you would need to place 9 new qualifying orders between Nov. 1, 2013 and Oct. 31, 2014.

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Checking your HealthWise status

We display your HealthWise program status in customer Accounts for easy reference.

Just go to the any page on this Web site, click on Login/Register, and then click on View Previous Orders.

This information includes:

  • The dollar value of any Rewards issued to date.
  • The reset (deadline) date of your current HealthWise Year.
  • The qualifying orders placed during your current HealthWise Year … these orders will be marked Yes under the HealthWise column.
  • If a HealthWise order is cancelled after being placed it may still be marked Yes, but the number of qualifying HealthWise orders will be reduced by one … this deletion will be reflected in the “You currently have X out of the 9 needed HealthWise orders” notice shown at the top of your Previous Orders page.

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HealthWise Program Official Rules


  • HealthWise Reward credits are non-transferable.


  • Orders will qualify only if they are placed by you on our Web Site, and do NOT include any other discounts, codes, or promotions.
  • Orders placed by phone or mail are NOT qualified orders.
  • Orders placed using any Promo, Affiliate, or Gift codes will not qualify and will not be counted toward earning HealthWise Rewards.
  • Only Qualified Orders will count toward the 9 orders required to receive a Reward.


  • Participants in prior HealthWise programs are automatically enrolled, and do NOT need to re-enroll every time they place a 9th qualifying order and receive a Reward Gift Certificate.
  • If you have never joined our HealthWise program, create a Vital Choice account (if you don’t have one), then place an order on our Web site and enter the Promo Code “HEALTHWISE” under your cart before clicking on the checkout button.

NOTE: After placing the first HealthWise order, do NOT enter the HealthWise code during subsequent order checkouts, as this will remove all previous qualifying orders from your HealthWise account!

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  • To receive a HealthWise Reward Gift Certificate, you must place 9 qualifying orders within your current HealthWise Year.
  • If you do not place 9 qualifying orders by the end of one year, your Healthwise accumulation will reset to zero.
  • Your current HealthWise Year ENDS on the day before the date of your HealthWise Anniversary date.
  • For example, if your HealthWise Anniversary were February 5, 2012 your 1-year eligibility window would end on February 4, 2013.
  • Thus, in order to receive a HealthWise Reward, you would need to place 9 qualifying orders during the 1-year period from February 5, 2012 through February 4, 2013.


  • Your Reward Gift Certificate will equal the average pre-shipping cost of 9 qualifying orders placed within any HealthWise Year.
  • Whenever you have successfully completed 9 qualified orders, you will begin a new HealthWise Year with your next qualifying order.
  • Notification of HealthWise Rewards will be sent via email within 30 days of the date earned.


  • Once a Reward has been earned, subsequent qualified orders will count toward subsequent Rewards.
  • HealthWise Reward Gift Certificates will be issued after each 9th qualified HealthWise order is completed.


  • To insure that you receive proper HealthWise credit for each order, you must keep your customer information current, and log in under the same username and password (“profile”) each time you place an order.
  • If you need to make changes to your profile, simply visit our home page and login to your account. Then click on the “My Account” link. A new window will open with your account information.

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  • (log-in profiles) cannot be combined, so please always use the same login to place your orders online.


  • Multiple same-day orders to the same delivery address will constitute only one qualified HealthWise Order.
  • (Placing multiple small orders results in wasteful packaging and energy consumption and incurs handling and shipping costs that undermine our ability to offer the program to all customers.)


  • Orders that you place to send as a gift to non-customers WILL count toward earning HealthWise Rewards.
  • Orders placed for other existing customers will NOT count toward earning HealthWise Rewards.



  • We reserve the right to cancel the HealthWise Rewards program at any time.
  • Customers who have time left in their HealthWise Year on the date of cancellation would remain eligible to place enough qualifying orders to earn a final HealthWise Reward.

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Health Wise

Our Guarantee

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