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Canned Ventresca (Albacore Tuna Bellies) in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3.75 oz

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Average Ratings: 5


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"ventresca Tuna"

Barbara on 2/8/2016 8:16:30 AM


Review: It's the best tuna I've ever had.

"Great Tuna"

Jeff N on 2/3/2016 6:44:13 AM


Review: With a bit of fresh lemon and home-made garlic toast, a perfect lunch


Mona Freeman on 1/5/2016 9:19:02 AM


Review: Ventresca is the best tasting and almost melts in your mouth!

"feeling safe and so happy"

louisi on 12/31/2015 2:32:55 PM


Review: I'd been afraid to eat tuna for years. I had such a high reading of mercury in my lap report that had to take out a lot of seafood for a long time.! I am now well and love this tuna. I feel safe to eat the Vital Choice Tuna. I would't eat any other one. This one is super special.

"Best Tuna Ever!"

Tracy on 12/19/2015 8:22:29 AM


Review: This is my favorite, go-to lunch when the refrigerator is bare or I am in a rush. Tuna on either an heirloom tomato or a brown rice cake. Top w/a little pepper or a drizzle of balsamic and a handful of spinach. Done!


Yvonne H on 12/11/2015 3:22:48 PM


Review: Best canned tuna I have ever eaten. No exceptions!

"Canned Ventresca in organic exstra virgin olive oil"

Miriam B on 12/8/2015 5:45:47 AM


Review: great taste in a perfect size for one person

"The Best"

Dolores on 10/29/2015 5:43:02 PM


Review: Love, love, love this tuna. My cat get's the oil & I get the tuna, OK sometimes I share with him. Anyway I love tuna so much and was happy to find that it is pole caught as I stopped eating tuna for the reasons it was harvested. Love you Vital Choice!


Wilma Peebles-Wilkins on 10/12/2015 5:52:54 AM


Review: This has been quite a discovery. I have never enjoyed canned tuna so much.

"Canned ventresca"

Diane V on 8/27/2015 5:09:06 PM


Review: Amazing taste!!!!

"canned ventresca"

Rosanna G on 8/23/2015 4:51:50 PM


Review: this tuna was tender and very tasty. However, it would be GREAT if you could also sell it withOUT salt! And if possible witOUT the oil. JUST pure delicious tuna! I would purchase more of it if this was the case.


B. Woodmansee on 8/5/2015 11:24:32 AM


Review: The best tuna I've ever had. So moist, so fresh, so delicious.

"Canned Ventresca in Olive Oil"

Julie on 8/3/2015 9:58:58 PM


Review: Melt in you mouth tender and moist, perfectly delicious! The cans are packed full of tuna meat, no unnecessary liquid. I like the easy tab open can (simular to soda cans) that does not require a can opener. Perfect single serving can size. i am a convert!

"best tuna"

David Norman MD on 4/19/2015 11:21:13 AM


Review: great tasting and loaded with omega-3's. One of my favorite products

"Pricey but so Delicious"

Barbara H on 3/29/2015 10:16:53 AM


Review: I love this tuna. The flavor is light and delicate, and is perfect in a salad, mixed into a pasta dish, or all by itself. I wish it wasn't so expensive - I'd buy it more often. It's a little splurge for me now and then.

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