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Product Reviews

Canned Albacore Tuna in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3.75 oz

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Average Ratings: 4.8


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"Always yummy!"

Linda M on 8/2/2016 9:51:56 PM


Review: Best tuna I have ever tssted. And the 3.75 oz can is just the right size for me.

"Great taste!"

Galina A on 8/1/2016 9:55:06 AM


Review: Amazing tasting tuna, great for tuna salad! Should have ordered more!

"canned tuna"

Grace G on 7/19/2016 8:58:10 AM


Review: Tuna is good, but rather dry. Not much olive oil in the can.

"Albacore Tuna"

Robert A. G. on 7/8/2016 11:48:53 AM


Review: I really enjoyed the Albacore Tuna


Rick Gullickson on 3/7/2016 5:47:24 AM


Review: Very light fresh taste. Great for tuna salad or sandwiches


Cole on 2/3/2016 2:15:52 PM


Review: Awesome! Keep coming back to buy more!

"Best tuna"

Marilyn S on 12/10/2015 5:01:54 PM


Review: Much better than the ordinary grocery store canned tuna.

"Best Tuna"

Ruth C on 10/14/2015 8:29:00 AM


Review: Excellent taste. I like it in olive oil. It is healthy and moist. The only canned tuna I eat.

"Canned albacore Tuna in Organic Extra Virgin Oilive Oil"

Dorothy V P on 10/9/2015 10:51:26 AM


Review: Delicious tuna. Worth every penny spent on it.


Dawn on 10/8/2015 3:26:01 AM


Review: Love this tuna and only guy from Vitalchoice !

"Canned albacore tuna in organic extra virgin olive oil"

Carol Ann Amore on 9/6/2015 6:17:46 AM


Review: The best tuna

"delicate and wonderful"

Patricia J. Secrest on 3/11/2015 8:10:02 AM


Review: I can't believe how far one small can goes. It is so delicious for any meal. Whether it is salad or a hot sandwich or just right out of the can.

"Superb Tuna"

Joyce Benedict on 2/14/2015 11:50:12 AM


Review: This was a great albacore tuna fish. Really a wonderful product. Best Albacore Tuna in years what is available here in the East. Just very disappointed in size of can. At $6.20? a can it is beyond any price I would ever pay again! The most expensive Gold Can tuna here is $2.89 each and no one pays that unless they have means. It was sufficient for only one meal or spread super thin for 2 sandwiches. Assumed it to be size of regular cans sold here.I live on SS. Way beyond my budget.I look forward to the Salmon.


heathnut on 1/19/2015 9:04:59 AM


Review: Delicious and fresh. Arrived within a week of ordering!

"Canned albacore tuna"

Gail Cagianese on 1/18/2015 9:23:32 AM


Review: Absolutely wonderful!

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