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Product Reviews

Wild Sardines in Water 4-3/8 oz - No Salt or Oil Added

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"Wild Sardines in Water no salt"

Sharon Rush on 7/27/2016 5:59:14 AM


Review: Excellent product.

"sardines review"

Gordon K on 7/21/2016 8:46:33 AM


Review: Canned sardines (in water, no salt) are of good taste and of course very nutritious.


Mira O. on 7/19/2016 7:23:58 AM


Review: Truly the most delicious sardines on the market. Meaty and packed with flavor, love them!


Ron K on 6/30/2016 8:01:07 AM


Review: Sardines excellent, although somewhat expensive. Add my own mustard, oil, and spices. Best I've eaten.

"Great Taste, No Salt"

Helga G on 5/26/2016 9:45:23 AM


Review: These sardines have great flavor, and for those who don't want salt or oil, they're perfect.

"Great taste"

Doris L on 4/7/2016 4:21:54 PM


Review: Big and meaty not small and thin. Great in a sandwich or alone on a salad.


Seafood lover on 2/3/2016 5:45:53 AM


Review: Top of the line product and great service.

"The best sardines/seafood available"

Danny S on 1/26/2016 8:40:45 AM


Review: Vital Choice has no equal among the absolute tastiest sardines/seafood on the market. Their superior customer service, shipping speed and unequaled quality of products makes them the top choice undisputed leaders. Try them and see what I mean. Respectfully, Dan Sakraida

"Fabulous nutrition"

Lynda Constantineau on 10/21/2015 10:14:41 AM


Review: I like these plain sardines as I can prepare them as I desire - heat in olive oil and use in salads (better than straight out of the can), season and grill, etc. I don't really like sardines but the great nutritional profile and sustainable fishing practices for these sardines make these a wonderful choice.

"Vital Choice Sardines in Water"

Pat S on 10/1/2015 2:08:48 PM


Review: I truly appreciate the standards you follow. Your sardines are the only ones my daughter and I can eat without suffering. Please keep them pure!

"Wild sardines in Water review"

Arlene Meneses on 9/25/2015 12:00:31 PM


Review: I love all your products, these sardines are the best. I have some health issues and your fish helps me to feel better

"Very Pleased"

Levy Ca on 8/27/2015 3:25:05 AM


Review: The wild sardines with no salt added were wonderful! Great flavor and appearance. thank you for making these available.

"Deliciously Light!"

gIDgy on 7/30/2015 6:50:00 AM


Review: Without salt and olive oil lets you truly enjoy the light texture of the sardine. And then you can bombard it with whatever condiments of your liking!


Ed Polfus on 4/2/2015 6:22:56 AM


Review: Very tasty healthy and convenient.


barry cohen on 2/5/2015 10:31:03 AM


Review: I ordered these recently, they are big and meaty, very tasty dinner or quick meal. Super good for you. Very pleased.

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