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Wild Sardines in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4-3/8 oz - Spiced

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Average Ratings: 4.8


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RRM on 4/15/2016 4:23:26 AM


Review: They taste good but I've had a different one that I purchased at The World Market a while back which seemed better.

"Beautiful Tasting ...."

John Gibson on 4/5/2016 9:54:01 AM


Review: My wife enjoys this product every time we purchase them. The taste of the Portuguese sardines are so clean tasting. With the addition of the chili pepper, it kicks up the flavor a notch .....

"Wild sardines in organic oil with one chili pepper"

Pamela B on 3/31/2016 10:43:38 AM


Review: These sardines are beyond compare. They are large, wonderfully prepared and packaged in olive oil. I love the kick from the chili pepper that does not detract from the flavor. I could eat these every day. Best I have ever had. My heart thanks you.

"Wild sardines spicy"

Michael Carroll on 3/28/2016 9:37:26 PM


Review: Best sardines I have ever had.

"spicy sardines"

mary b on 2/17/2016 2:11:22 PM


Review: they're good, I know the spiciness is better than no spices but the taste is very predictable...I wish you had made the spiciness more creative, kind of nuanced mixed, not just plain chili. A friend raved about them, I guess I wouldn't.

"sardines in chilli"

allison novins on 1/22/2016 6:52:55 AM


Review: The sardines are great but one tin was just olive oil without spice. I I gave my sister three tins so I do not know if they were spiced or not.

"Very tasty!"

carezza m on 12/12/2015 9:25:35 AM


Review: Much better than those sold at grocery stores.

"Wild Sardines OEVO Spiced 3/8 oz"

Thomas S on 12/11/2015 4:55:41 AM


Review: Excellent product

"Wild Sardines"

Shiro S on 11/19/2015 8:10:23 AM


Review: Excellent quality. The sardines, olive oil, taste, firmness are best I ever had.


Marc on 11/7/2015 7:11:03 AM


Review: Fantastic. Made the blog.


Julia on 8/30/2015 9:15:21 AM


Review: I eat sticks of these in Spain...sardinas espetadas during May through August. When I am in Texas, these are the substitute. The picante sardines are the best...I have used them also in empanadas de sardinas.

"Mucho Delicious"

Ann on 8/19/2015 9:26:30 AM


Review: Love the red chili pepper and the flavor it gives these delicious Sardines

"Spiced sardines"

Noah on 8/2/2015 3:13:22 PM


Review: These are great. Your sardines are top quality and the spiced ones have become my favorite.

"5 Stars is not enough"

Steve Johnson on 4/30/2015 5:57:07 AM


Review: These are absolutely the best sardines ever. The pepper infuses the most wonderful flavor. These are a must try!


Borbala Bohus on 4/28/2015 4:36:43 PM


Review: I love your products. The sardines are excellent. Thank You for make it possible for us to enjoy your fish and sardines and all that you provice

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