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Canned Mackerel in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4-3/8 oz

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"Canned Mackeral in extra olive oil 4-3/8 oz"

Luanne D on 10/14/2015 12:36:26 PM


Review: Very delicious


Noah on 8/2/2015 3:10:13 PM


Review: These are quite good. Less oily than the sardines. I would buy again


Steve Johnson on 4/30/2015 5:59:52 AM


Review: I have compared this product to mackerel I have bought in specialty markets, and this product is superior. A great addition to a healthy dier!


Manuela Paronzini on 4/24/2015 10:16:49 AM


Review: I thought mackerels would be bigger. Excellent product, though. Came one day after delivery day.

"Canned Mackerel"

Cyrene Aksman on 4/18/2015 11:25:59 AM


Review: Very tasty and nicely seasoned. No strong flavors, just delicious right out of the can. Reasonably priced.

"Canned Mackerel"

Julio Zamora on 2/13/2015 10:33:54 AM


Review: My family loves the Vital Choice canned mackerel!! Great taste and texture, only you can get here.

"A great find"

James S on 1/22/2015 9:09:19 PM


Review: Being a long-time mackerel fan, but having had to settle for canned mackerel from Asia (with all their unknown additives, etc.), I'm feel like I've found nirvana with VC's canned mackerel in olive oil. It has a wonderful, pure taste, and I know it's a healthier way to go. Thanks for a great product!

"My perfect lunch"

Mike Rose on 12/12/2014 7:54:59 AM


Review: I've always been a sardine fan but this mackerel is even better in my opinion. I get the type in extra virgin olive oil, dump about half the oil then add the juice of half a lemon and enjoy with some whole grain crackers, just an outstanding lunch. And I always order them in bulk because once in awhile Vital Choice is out of it and I hate to not have it available to me. Highly recommended.

"Mackerel in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil"

Savannah Sophia on 12/11/2014 8:30:22 PM


Review: There are no words that explains how wonderful these Mackerels are from Vital Choice, as everything I've ever purchased from them is of supreme quality, fresh, and of the greatest taste no matter how I cook or use the foods - it shines each time! Thank you Vital Choice for being there for those of us looking for high quality foods today that enhance our well being! Savannah, Florida


Bonnie Taylor on 12/10/2014 5:44:31 PM


Review: Like the sardines, these also are delicious! Nice pinky color, too. i'll definitely keep eating mackerel in organic olive oil.

"Just right"

Diane on 10/9/2014 6:35:41 AM


Review: Opened a can last night and like it so much I put an order in for mom.

"Hooked on mackerel"

Ginny C. on 10/2/2014 1:25:29 AM


Review: I've been buying Vital Choice canned salmon and sardines for years and recently tried the mackerel. Wow! If you love Vital Choice canned salmon and/or sardines, you'll love the canned mackerel!

"very tasty"

Ayse on 8/22/2014 2:43:17 PM


Review: It is pretty flavorful fish. Garnishing with lemon, parsley, and paprika improves the experience..

"The Best"

Michael Estell on 5/5/2014 12:17:01 PM


Review: Absolutely the best canned mackerel I have ever eaten. Nice and mild. I truly enjoy these for a light snack or for lunch. Marvelous to say the least.

"Holy mackerel!!!"

Vivian K. on 6/17/2013 1:04:43 PM


Review: Sorry, couldn't help myself... these are NOTHING like the glass-jar mackerel I've had from Whole Foods which were skinned, deboned and tough. I'm a huge fan of VC's spiced sardines, so I thought I'd give the mackerel a shot given the super-high omega 3 scores it boasts. They are JUST as delicious as the sardines... only wish they made them spiced too!

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