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Daily Dose Packs of Wild Salmon Oil & Vitamin D3 - 30 ct

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"Daily Dose Packs"

Virgil Parkhill on 11/6/2013 11:11:46 AM


Review: Just read an article that a 4 year study using Vitamin D could be beneficial to prevent Type II diabetes. I am so thankful that Vtal Choice packages the essential Omega 3 and a Vitamin D for us. Just knowing I am doing the right thing by taking this pack relieves a concern I have about my and also your health. Now if I can just decide what fish I want for dinner.

"There is no substitute for the Wild Salmon oil & Vitamin D3"

Cheryl Hadden on 7/13/2011 10:15:57 AM


Review: My experience has been that no other brand of kind of vitamin D3 capsules or cod liver oil, salmon oil or fish oil can compare to Wild Salmon Oil & Vitamin D3. Within 2 days of starting my daily dose pack I felt the difference. My joints and muscles stopped aching and hurting, even my bad knee felt great! I felt like my old self and was up and around with ease. Skip to the end of the month and I didn't re-order and within a week I could feel the aches coming back. In a rush I bought a name brand, good quality Salmon oil, but the results were not the same. I tried various brands and both Salmon and Cod liver oils, with and without extra vitamin D3 and still didn't get the boost I got from the Wild Salmon Oil & Vitamin D3. So, here I am back getting the real thing. Like the commercials used to say, "Accept no substitutes."


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