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Alaskan Sockeye Salmon Burgers - 4 oz

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"My go-to meal"

Lacy Loar-Gruenler on 7/24/2014 7:50:36 AM


Review: I am addicted to both sizes of these burgers. The ones at the grocery store have bread crumbs as additives, and these are pure salmon. In 5 minutes, you have any meal or snack with this burger. My only question is the 4 oz size displays that the calorie count is 200 and the 5 oz size says 154.

"Best Burger"

Peggy on 7/23/2014 9:32:51 AM


Review: They cook fast, and are tasty and I know they are healthy for me and my family. Thank you so much Vital Choice, it is vital to be able to order from a reputable company, the products come packed so nice. Even the cooler they come in have come in handy long after I rec'd my order. Many thanks

"Best Salmon"

Paul D Belle on 7/17/2014 3:56:01 AM


Review: The Salmon burgers cook quick, taste great. Easy quick healthy meal.

"Great tasty burgers"

Bea on 7/16/2014 2:00:44 AM


Review: Salmon burgers are the best! Nutritious and easy to cook!

"Best Salmon Burgers anywhere"

Carla Honig on 7/15/2014 10:40:08 AM


Review: I've been buying these for a long while and am never disappointed in them: no filler, no fishy taste, just the clean, healthy taste I associate with your wild sockeye in all of its forms. And it's a bonus that I can cook these on the spur of the moment (i.e., no forethought so no defrosting - just take 'em out of their individual package and start cooking).


Liz Rennick on 7/11/2014 8:16:40 AM


Review: My husband and I did not like these salmon burgers. They are too "fishy" for our taste. To be fair, I remove ALL of the bloodline whenever I cook salmon because it literally makes me gag. I'm sure that is what I'm tasting in these burgers. If you are like me, I don't recommend these; but if the flavor of bloodline does not bother you, you will probably like them. Based on the awesome reviews, I was really hoping these would not be fishy.

"Awesome, healthy, delicious salmon burgers"

Marjorie Greaux on 7/9/2014 9:14:36 AM


Review: We have had these burgers on numerous occasions, and they are just soooooo gooooood. You can make a healthy meal in no time, with peppers, onions, mushrooms sauteed, with a healthy salad.side.

"Salmon Burgers are Delicious"

Karen Neuhauser on 6/28/2014 8:22:56 PM


Review: This was the first time I had ordered salmon burgers - they are delicious. I had them with jalapeno "tartar" sauce (diced jalapeno instead of pickle).

"Intrigued by other reviews"

Suzanne N. on 6/27/2014 3:40:28 PM


Review: Saw all these glowing reviews of the salmon burgers by other people and wondered if I'd be wowed as well, since I didn't find the concept initially appealing. I am! So's my husband! The burgers are absolutely delicious, a super quick and easy meal to make (for breakfast, lunch or dinner) and the nutrition can't be beat. Thanks to all for the great reviews, and here's mine. Five stars plus, plus!

"Salmon Burgers"

Debbie Blair on 6/27/2014 10:27:35 AM


Review: Simple to fix for a quick, nutritious and delicious meal. Great on a bun, in a salad or just by itself.

"Non-Shrinking and Delicious"

Karl Willoughby on 6/27/2014 2:28:47 AM


Review: We like these Salmon Burgers. They cook up with minimal shrinking. They are delicious and juicy. They are good with or without the bun!

"salmon burgers"

Pamela Skilling on 6/22/2014 2:36:12 PM


Review: Succulent, moist and seasonsed wonderfully...and what's remarkable is that they go from freezer to table in 6 minutes!!

"Salmon Burgers"

Donna on 6/20/2014 6:12:36 AM


Review: My favorite because they are quick, easy and delicious!

"Salmon burgers"

Marilyn Fraher on 6/19/2014 5:45:53 AM


Review: These burgers are awesome!. It is the only salmon burgers I will buy.

"Clean eating!"

Natalie on 6/14/2014 3:46:46 PM


Review: Clean salmon with no garbage ingredients. Tastes great!

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