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Ikura - Wild Salmon Caviar - 6 oz

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"Ikura is Delicious and Versatile"

Kay on 11/18/2015 10:45:35 AM


Review: High quality ikura that is great served on hot rice, sushi topping, and makes a delicious and colorful addition to appetizers.

"Ikura - Wild Salmon Caviar"

Nancy R on 10/14/2015 4:43:33 AM


Review: Love it !!! thank you ...


Jane W on 8/12/2015 5:11:18 PM


Review: This salmon caviar is so perfect. I am so happy I found this company. Each pearl bursts in your mouth and it so delicious. I will be ordering more. Thank you for all your advice while I was trying to figure out how to order.

"Wild Salmon Caviar"

Everest on 8/7/2015 4:28:25 AM


Review: The best! Very fresh!


Richard A G on 7/31/2015 9:34:55 PM


Review: I ate right from the jar...with a oyster shell 3 sittings!!


Janine Schenck on 7/26/2015 10:00:08 AM


Review: I got hooked on salmon roe (Ikura) when we lived in Okinawa Japan. I didn't bother with the rice & seaweed, I could buy small boxes of roe in the grocery stores. Living in Iowa is hard on people who like fish and sea products: you can have pork or beef. I'm grateful Vital Choice sent a catalog and I took advantage of their products. It gets a rating of five.

"best salmon caviar ever!"

birdloverus on 7/3/2015 4:34:14 PM


Review: I've had salmon caviar from many vendors, but this is hands down the best. Large, firm eggs with the perfect consistency and taste. I will never order from anyone else again!

"Ikura - Wild Salmon Caviar"

Janine Schenck on 4/18/2015 12:00:08 PM


Review: We lived in Okinawa Japan five years and VitalChoice salmon roe is as good as that in Okinawa.

"Love the Ikura!!"

PKM on 4/15/2015 11:42:03 AM


Review: Love the taste of this Ikura and even my 3 year old nephew loves it. My only problem is to keep the remaining Ikura fresh once I opened it. I feel compel to finish the whole 6oz in one go. Next time, I will purchase three 2oz bottles instead :)


Marina on 4/6/2015 5:11:38 PM


Review: This caviar is so good! I don't really like caviar, but still decided to try it. I can eat it everyday, but it's too pricy.

"So great."

Barbara Hill on 4/2/2015 7:40:02 AM


Review: I love the health benefits of salmon but don't really like salmon, except for the row. I like to have Ikura on hand for a healthy snack. A little on a couple of slices of cucumber is satisfying and so good.

"Great source of cholesterol"

Laurie on 4/1/2015 8:19:33 AM


Review: I take a spoonful of this caviar morning and at lunch. It's supposed to be the best source of good cholesterol.

"Great Salmon Caviar"

Bob Sinatra on 3/19/2015 4:15:16 AM


Review: Wow, these eggs are wonderful. They arrived quickly in terrific packaging. So great service from Vital Choice. Try of the caviar on a mild cracker or toast ponts slathered with creme fraiche, a squeeze of lemon on top Yummy! . Also on top of scrambled eggs. Good quantity in the jar and excellent quality.

"It is the Best"

Barbara Buck on 3/12/2015 4:43:33 PM


Review: Absolute delicious. Eat with a mother of peal spoon, so you do not get any metal flavor. It goes well with Tito Vodka.

"Ikura Is Love"

Liz M on 1/4/2015 8:07:30 AM


Review: The salmon caviar provided by Vital Choice is beyond spectacular! Such a treat! Excellent decision to buy 3 at a time. Goes very well with their seaweed salad too!

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