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Deluxe Sockeye Salmon Burgers - 5 oz

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"salmon patties"

Nancy T on 11/18/2015 6:53:40 AM


Review: I love these patties. I eat fish three meals a day and these are great for a quick cook. They are delicious and full of flavor. So delighted I do not have to worry about the radiation in your products.

"Good but Not Original Recipe"

Roy T on 11/18/2015 6:31:13 AM


Review: Much better than vegiburgers, but not as good as their original salmon burgers. Our cat ignores these but would kill anyone keeping him from the originals.

"Deluxe sockeye salmon burgers"

Frank U on 11/18/2015 4:12:40 AM


Review: Darn good burger. Priced fairly too.

"salmon burgers"

Terri Powell on 11/14/2015 12:06:12 PM


Review: I love the salmon burgers. They are wrapped so air tight,heated easily from frozen, no extra seasoning is needed, and taste great. My only issue, nothing to do with Vital Choice, is that the delivery company, UPS, delivers so late in my community.Didn't receive my order until almost 7 p.m. I paid an extra $25 for overnight which I hated to do, but I knew my order would be on the truck all day. I don't think I can order during summer because of the heat and the delivery issue. I love the salmon burger on my salad and it added greatly to the taste. Super quality!

"My Favorite Burgers"

Don Fonshill on 11/12/2015 1:37:15 AM


Review: These are the ones I always come back to - have enjoyed them tremendously for a long time.

"Deluxe Sockeye Salmon Burgers - 5 oz"

Marilyn D on 11/8/2015 3:45:42 PM


Review: These salmon burgers are delicious, seasoned or plain, they make a great burger, or eaten on a nice salad. I've ordered these for myself and as gifts and everyone raves about them.

"I don't mind if I do"

Marion B on 10/15/2015 12:13:49 AM


Review: These are really top quality and great tasting. In addition they are quick to prepare and go great with eggs.

"Too much sodium"

Rita Bedford on 10/14/2015 9:46:28 AM


Review: The salmon burgers would have received a 5 rating if it had not been for the excessive salty taste. An eater can always add salt to food but it can't be taken away if it is too salty. Hello Rita, Thank you for choosing Vital Choice. I am sorry to hear you were disappointed in our Salmon Burgers. Our Customer Service Team will be contacting you shortly to discuss your order. Thank you, The Vital Choice Customer Service Team

"Great fast meal"

Diana S on 8/7/2015 3:31:31 PM


Review: I have been a fan of the salmon burgers for a long time. These are thicker and require a few minutes more cooking time but finish lightly browned whereas the smaller ones seem steamed. With homemade buns in the freezer, I am only 15 minutes from a meal. Perfect when it is just too hot to cook dinner or a fast lunch.

"Deluxe Sockeye Salmon Burgers"

Diane M on 7/31/2015 5:31:15 PM


Review: All of the other Salmon Burger brands I have had tasted like rubber. This is par excellence!!!!


Diane Thomas on 7/30/2015 5:41:30 AM


Review: I purchase these as a gift to my son. He complimented the quality and flavor on the first order, I I ordered them again.

"Deluxe Sockeye Salmon Burgers - 5 oz"

Marilyn on 7/29/2015 7:56:06 PM


Review: These salmon burgers are delicious. They're quick to prepare and very satisfying. I've ordered them for my daughter and her husband and they love them. I highly recommend them.

"Energetic Wellness"

Energetic Wellness on 7/22/2015 9:19:59 AM


Review: The Salmon Burgers are amazing!! We love the flavor and the hearty size of the 5 ounces it really gives the feel of a burger. The consistency also is really nice it really comes across biting into a juicy burger. We are so pleased with this product and all that we have gotten through Vital Choice so far.

"deluxe sockeye salmon burger"

melvin n on 4/29/2015 5:50:37 AM


Review: These burgers are easy and quick to cook-taste great/fresh...quick easy burger for lunch

"Best Salmon burgers"

Laura Krout on 4/2/2015 3:14:07 AM


Review: These burgers are spectacular. Best we have had.

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