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Product Reviews

Organic Grass-Fed American Wagyu Beef - Stir Fry Strips - 16 oz

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Average Ratings: 3.8


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"Sub Par Cowhide Beef"

Dr D. Smith on 2/14/2016 1:17:17 PM


Review: Vital Choice is deservedly praised for its salmon and other seafood, but they have not as yet perfected selection and preparation of beef. I ordered the "stir fry strips" with great anticipation, however, my disappointment is great at the poor quality of the meat. To begin, these are not "strips"! They are flattened (pounded?) cuts of beef approximately 3 inches by as much as 5 inches in area (cuts occasionally used in "stroganoff" dishes but not in "stir fry"). The meat comes packed frozen in a one-pound pouch; thus, it is necessary to thaw the entire package, then perhaps re-freeze the cooked beef for a later preparation if one does not use one full pound of beef in a single stir fry meal. These points are significant, but most important? This beef is not tender! It is "cowhide" tough. Very disappointing. Will not purchase again. Vital Choice should focus on salmon and fish, which is excellent. The beef is sub par. Hello Dr. Smith, Our Customer Service Department will be contacting you shortly to discuss your order.

"Beef strips"

Patti on 12/18/2015 7:14:00 AM


Review: I had never had beef like this before. I could not get over the difference. I just never thought that there could be that much difference in beef. Great beef strips. Now I know why you run out.

"Organic Grass-Fed American Wagyu Beef - Stir Fry Strips"

Patricia Meyer on 1/28/2015 10:48:20 AM


Review: Very tasty, but expected they'd be already cut in smaller thicker strips. Too expensive for us to purchase on a regular basis.

"Love it!"

Denise on 12/11/2014 6:58:56 PM


Review: Delicious! Very tender.


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