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Wild Sardine Fillets in Water, No Salt Added - 3.5 oz

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Average Ratings: 4.2


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Kaitlin M on 6/10/2016 8:49:14 AM


Review: I was a little let down with the flavor and moisture of the fillets. - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. Our Customer Service Team will be in touch to discuss this order. Thank you!

"Wild Sardines in Water"

Donna on 6/1/2016 5:12:04 AM


Review: Delicious! thank you.

"Wild Sardines in Water"

Wilma W on 5/25/2016 9:23:15 AM


Review: Delicious, but I think I would like sardines packed in organic olive oil better.

"Excellent choice of wild caught fish"

Marie P on 5/25/2016 4:07:56 AM


Review: I've never had sardines before, but these are very good and i would order them again to vary my intake of wild caught fish. Not fishy tasting. I like being able to add my own no-salt seasonings.

"Not good"

Priya on 5/19/2016 10:43:08 PM


Review: Not good, will never buy again, waiting for my refund - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. We are sorry to hear your disappointment in the Sardine Fillets. Our Customer Service Team will be in touch with you today to discuss this further. Thank you!

"Wild Sardine Fillets in Water, No salt"

Emma S on 5/19/2016 6:15:43 PM


Review: Good after being seasoned otherwise bland.

"gone to the dogs"

Donna C on 5/17/2016 3:35:41 AM


Review: I began ordering these when my holistic vet suggested this as a beneficial additive to her food. She LOVES them and I add one filet per day to her food.

"Wild Sardine Fillets in Water"

Linda M on 4/30/2016 4:19:11 AM


Review: Very satisfied with the sardines. They are part of the diet that I am on and until now. Until trying these, I have had trouble incorporating them in my diet. These were recommended by a friend so I thought I would try them. So glad that I did.

"Delicious and Healthy Eating"

Charles H on 1/18/2016 7:28:10 AM


Review: A lot of seafood has lots of sodium in it. That's why its nice to see items with "no salt added". This is a wonderful way to add a low sodium, high protein topper to green salads. Any way you fix it is a tasty and nutritious meal

"Wild Sardines in water"

Mary Kassel on 12/30/2015 11:48:09 AM


Review: Only sardines I will eat. Also, give them as gifts to friend's daughter (now 9 years old) for gifts because she loves them!

"Sardine Fillets in Water"

Meredyth on 12/8/2015 12:25:09 PM


Review: My husband and I love the mild taste of these sardines. Often sardines seem strong tasting and oily, but since these are filleted and in water they're very easy to eat just as they are. We highly recommend.

"Fast and tasty meal"

Edward P on 11/25/2015 6:09:47 AM


Review: Very good healthy convenient meal

"Wild Sardines"

Patti Pritz on 10/22/2015 2:35:32 PM


Review: These sardines definitely do not have salt added! The quality of these sardines show the true salinity of the ocean. No fish you buy should taste like salt!

"dry, overcooked and flavorless but probably a healthy choice"

angela harrell on 10/4/2015 7:19:03 AM


Review: I ordered both the fillets and the regular sardines packed in water. The fillets were overcooked, dry. and devoid of flavor. Also, there was so much water to throw away and not too many fillets. Poor value for the price. - Customer Service Response " Thank you for ordering Vital Choice. We are sorry to hear you did not enjoy the Sardine Fillets. One of our Customer Service Representatives will contact you regarding this issue. Thank you, Vital Choice Customer Service Team"

"Clean and Wholosome Sardines"

Judy Taylor on 8/14/2014 11:18:20 PM


Review: I like sardines, but not when they are smoked or "added-to" in any way - that is why these are the best. Also, a young rescue kitten of ours is crazy about these and cats are finicky - they will only eat the best of human food - the kitten knows!

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