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Wild Alaskan Tanner Crab Leg Meat - 8 oz

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Average Ratings: 4.9


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"Tanner Crab"

Sharon on 5/25/2016 5:52:11 AM


Review: The best! I made fried crab cakes and crab salad. The taste is wonderful.

"Good but overpriced"

Karen M on 5/3/2016 8:28:19 AM


Review: Eight ounces of crab meat is not a whole lot enough for two people though. I thought these were a bit overpriced and I doubt that I would order them again.

"Wonderful Flavor"

Jean M. C. on 5/2/2016 6:53:25 PM


Review: I have been enjoying Tanner Crab Leg Meat for some time, as have my two adult children. The taste is as good as the fresh blue crab meat that my parents and I caught in the bay near Sag Harbor, Long Island, NY.


Liz F on 10/9/2015 1:47:33 PM


Review: Loved this crab! Out of everything I ordered this was one of my favorites! Definitely a treat and not a weekly meal but delicious and easy to use.

"Very Tasty"

Sheila M on 9/17/2015 7:50:31 AM


Review: What a treat - sweet crab legs with no mess! This was my first order with Vital Choice but it won't be my last.

"Yum yum yum"

Linda o on 8/13/2015 5:36:11 AM


Review: I always order this for a quick meal. I DON'T SHARE - it's my indulgence. It's that good.

"Wild Alaskan Tanner Crab"

Ellis P on 7/30/2015 11:34:43 AM


Review: Easy and fast to cook, yummy!

"Great, quick meal"

Kristin Belko on 5/30/2015 10:48:34 PM


Review: This is one of the best crab products available. It is much better and tastier than fussing with shells which don't improve the flavor. I never reheat the crab; it come perfectly cooked and would be overcooked to reheat it. My favorite serving is in lettuce rolls made with romaine, grilled asparagus, and avocado. If I really want it warmish, I'll heat very high quality pasture butter and dip the crab in it. Highly recommend. Order the large quantity for the price savings. Since these thaw quickly but hold well, you can put a meal together very quickly.

"Wild Alaskan Tanner Crab Leg Meat"

Ellis P Pascual on 4/16/2015 4:52:30 PM


Review: Give me crab legs (minus the shell, of course) anytime and I'll be in marisco (seafood heaven). God sure knew how to please us when He created the crab!!!

"Treat yourself..."

Yvonne Byers on 3/21/2015 12:27:36 PM


Review: The tanner crab meat is supreme. My husband and I treat ourselves every now and then to a "crab-feast" with the leg portions. We really enjoy fresh, tasty crab without the work.


Lorrie on 3/18/2015 8:43:53 AM


Review: This crab is to die for...oh so moist tender and sweet. I've had red crab before from another company and it was salty. This I will buy again and again


Cathe on 2/4/2015 10:13:48 AM


Review: These pre-cooked leg portions taste too good & too easy be true !! Good zapped in the bag w/ the top cut off & served w/ melted butter , lemon wedges , & roasted asparagus . Also good cut up & mixed w/ cubed avocado & chopped Romaine for a salad . ( lemon vinaigrette ) Sprinkled w/ Cajun spices & served on a bed of creamy grits as a take-off of the classic Shrimp & Grits . Very good tossed on top of a paprika sauced bed of rice . I'm currently dreaming up a bruschetta application and tasting cheeses for an appetizer board .

"Excellent Quality"

rinshin on 1/23/2015 5:19:11 PM


Review: Good as it gets for being frozen. Works great for making sushi ie nigiri, Japanese nabe, carpaccio, etc. I will be ordering again.

"Complete Satisfaction"

Yvonne on 12/13/2014 12:47:43 PM


Review: I've purchased seafood and other healthy items from Vitalchoice for years and always pleased with my order. Food is always fresh and taste much different from the markets. The crab is delicious.

"Great Taste"

Amy on 11/12/2014 4:10:36 AM


Review: This is by far a high quality crab meat with the convenience of being precooked and out of the shell. The meat is sweet and delicate. Just heat and eat. It is wonderful!

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