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You Can Trust the Vital Choice “Wild” Label
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As many of you are aware, The New York Times published an article earlier this month exposing rampant mislabeling of farmed salmon as wild by northeast regional distributors and retailers. This story, "Salmon Gone Wild, or Is It Just Sold That Way?," by Marian Burros, was picked up by the wire services and subsequently ran in most major U.S. newspapers.

As a result, many salmon consumers have been left feeling wary, and anxious to find a trustworthy wild salmon supplier. Lacking one, many may choose to cut back on one of the healthiest possible foods they could be eating or, worse yet, avoid it altogether.

I want to take a moment to reassure you that Vital Choice remains a completely reliable wild salmon resource.

In fact, as followers of our newsletter may know, Ms. Burros elected to write the story after reading “Trip to the Big Apple Reveals Shameless Salmon Shell Game” in our December Vital Choices newsletter. We hope it is self-evident that we would not be calling attention to this shameful practice if we, too, were guilty of it!

Experience and personal relationships

The Vital Choice company principals, Dave Hamburg and I, have each spent more than 20 years as Alaska wild salmon fishermen. (That's me pictured to the right, aboard ship in the old days.)  We know salmon and the wild salmon business intimately, and are not subject to the deception currently befalling so many uninformed retailers and restaurant operators.

We also know our suppliers personally, and many of our salmon products are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council, a highly regarded independent chain-of-custody certifying organization (

Integrity and commitment to “right livelihood”

Vital Choice is built upon a philosophy of “doing the right thing.” We believe that if we take care of our customers, suppliers, and the wild salmon resource, they will take care of us. To this end we are passionately committed to four key goals:

  • Provide you with reliable access to only the purest, sustainably harvested fish.
  • Educate you about vital food choices that can improve your health and quality of life.
  • Alert you to benefits and detriments to your well-being.
  • Support fishermen (and women) by developing customers who understand that high quality wild salmon offers superior value. Folks like you help them earn a living wage for the hard, dangerous work of harvesting these uniquely healthful, delicious fish (Dave and I remain fishermen at heart!).

Recommended by trustworthy medical experts

This last point explains why our website is so content-rich, and why we say, “an educated customer is our best customer.” Part of our approach has been to pass on our knowledge to thought leaders who share our ‘right livelihood’ values, and who fully understand the wisdom of selecting wild over farmed salmon.

To fail our customersas too many seafood counters and restaurants nationwide dowould be to fail our many widely respected supporters, including physicians like Dr. Northrup, Dr. Perricone, Dr. Weil, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Sears and hundreds of other health and wellness and nutrition experts across the nation who currently recommend Vital Choice.

With the help of these physician friends, we have spread our message to a national audience, which has directly increased pressure on retailers and restaurants to carry wild salmon. Unfortunately, it appears that many of them are prone to change only their labels and not the underlying product. Hopefully the recent media attention will help bring an end to this practice.

In the mean time, Vital Choice will continue to provide our customers with reliable access to pure and natural wild salmon, backed up by our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee and a commitment to customer service second to none.

I hope you will continue to view us as “your friend in the salmon business,” and let your friends know that we’d love to become their wild salmon source as well!

Thank you for reading!

Randy Hartnell

President, Vital Choice Seafood

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