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Salmon: The Top 5 Reasons to Go Wild
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Why pay more for wild salmon? Here’s why, in a nutshell

by Randy Hartnell

Those of us who’ve tried wild Alaskan salmon and know about its health and culinary benefits need no convincing.  Nutrition-savvy physicians like Drs. Andrew Weil, Christiane Northrup, and William Sears recommend salmon highly, and point out that wild salmon is superior to farmed in every way. Bestselling author Nicholas Perricone, M.D. calls wild Alaskan Salmon “King of the Super Foods,” and Dr. Steven Pratt expresses similar sentiments in his recent best seller, “Superfoods”  (Both authors recommend Vital Choice as a reliable source).

But what about unenlightened friends, family, or colleagues, who would certainly benefit from a “salmon conversion experience”?

Here’s our pithy list of reasons to “go wild.”  We hope it helps you persuade people in your circle toward healthier, tastier, more environmentally sound eating!

The 5 Top reasons to choose wild salmon over farmed fish

  1. Wild salmon offers far superior flavor and texture. It is preferred by leading chefs and restaurant chains, such as Legal Seafoods, P.F. Chang’s and many others.
  2. Only wild salmon offers the ideal ratio of omega-3s to omega-6s: the exact balance that health experts recommend.
  3. Wild salmon has much less artery-clogging, inflammation-inducing saturated fat than farmed salmon.
  4. Only wild salmon is rich in natural astaxanthin: a uniquely potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory nutrient.
  5. Alaska’s salmon fishery is certified as safe and sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council and nearly all other environmental organizations, while most advise you to AVOID farmed salmon (Salmon farms pose real environmental risks).

Once you relate these compelling reasons, they’ll have no reason to question your wisdom, and delay making the switch to superior salmon!

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