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Vital Choice Flies High in “Delta Sky”
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Delta Airline’s in-flight magazine lauds our sustainability stance and Smoked Salmon

by Craig Weatherby

Folks who fly Delta this month may discover that we’re featured in Delta Sky—the airline's in-flight magazine.

The editors chose to feature us in the current issue because our strong sustainability stance fits with its “Green” theme.

Writing in the publication’s “Pie in the Sky” column, writer David Bailey notes that we offer only superior, sustainably harvested seafood and enjoy a recommendation from bestselling natural health author Andrew Weil, M.D.

Here’s the first line of Mr. Bailey’s laudatory blurb:
“If you think there’s no difference between farm-raised salmon and the wild variety caught in the icy waters of Alaska—filleted and flash-frozen within hours of harvest—then you haven’t tried Vital Choice salmon.”

Mr. Bailey went on to offer particular praise for the variety of luscious choices in our Smoked Salmon Pack.

An office in full swoon over great Salmon

David Bailey wrote us after receiving the magazine’s requested samples to relay the reactions of the staff. We were gratified by the reactions of the Delta Sky staffers who tried our seafood.

To quote him, they were “…stunned by how fresh and delicious the salmon was and by the subtle difference between the varieties. Further testament... was in the testimony of one of our staff members, who’d never tasted Salmon in her life. Seeing us descend upon the table like hungry wolves, she asked to try it and we prepared her some of the candied Salmon with just a bit of cream cheese on toast. As soon as it disappeared into her mouth, she became a convert!”

His note ended with more welcome words: “It’s one thing to see food in a catalogue that’s been styled and quite another to see it looking every bit as appetizing as it did in the catalogue after being processed, shipped thousands of miles and thawed. An added benefit was knowing that we were eating something that was not only delicious, but also good for us.”

Many thanks to David and everyone at Delta Sky… you made our day, week, and month!

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