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Olive Oil May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk
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Look for fish canned, like ours, in organic extra virgin olive oil

by Randy Hartnell

Scientists have long known that the so-called “Mediterranean diet”—high in vegetables, seafood, and olive oil, but low in red meats—protects against breast cancer.

The key seems to be oleic acid: the monounsaturated omega-9 fatty acid that predominates in olive oil.

Now we’re especially glad we took the unusual step of packing our canned tuna and new sardines in certified-organic extra virgin olive oil.

Olive oil works like breast-cancer drug

In lab tests, researchers at Chicago’s Northwestern University School of Medicine found that oleic acid cuts the levels of a breast cancer-promoting gene (Her-2/ neu) by up to 46 per cent.

High levels of this gene are found in a fifth of all breast cancers and are particularly active in cancers that are resistant to treatment.  Some breast-cancer drugs, such as Herceptin, also work by targeting this gene.

As lead researcher Dr. Javier Menendez said: “Our findings underpin epidemiological studies that show that the Mediterranean diet has significant protective effects against cancer, heart disease and ageing.”


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