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Dr. Perricone’s Exposé of Age-Accelerating AGEs
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Apt acronym describes diet-created compounds that drive major diseases and premature aging

by Craig Weatherby

Nicholas Perricone, M.D., stays ahead of the anti-aging curve in his compelling new bestseller, Ageless Face, Ageless Mind: Erase Wrinkles & Rejuvenate the Brain.

He was the first expert author to warn people that “silent,” diet-driven inflammation accelerates the aging process, and its visible signs on our skin.

Well before others talked about “super foods” like wild Salmon and berries, Dr. Perricone publicized the importance of omega-3 fatty acids and colorful, antioxidant-rich foods via bestsellers like The Wrinkle Cure and The Perricone Prescription and in several popular PBS-TV specials.

His research told him, before most Americans had even heard of these vital food factors, that omega-3s and antioxidants were essential to controlling chronic inflammation and the free radicals that promote this insidious pro-aging process.

Now, he’s taken on another little-known but powerful accelerator of aging: the process known as glycation, which yields age-accelerating compounds called "advanced glycation end products", or AGEs.

Glycation goes on in our bodies naturally. But the process is accelerated by poor dietary choices, and it can be slowed by wiser food choices, selected supplements, and more active lifestyles.

Dr. Perricone’s new book provides a clear explanation of how glycation happens, and lays out simple plans for minimizing creation of AGEs in the body.

These excerpts from the first chapter of Ageless Face, Ageless Mind set the stage for the anti-AGE plan he provides in subsequent chapters… recommendations that could help Americans stay healthy as the age.

Excerpts from Chapter One of Ageless Face, Ageless Mind

by Nicholas V. Perricone, M.D.

“When we see deep lines and wrinkled, sagging skin, we are viewing an unfortunate by-product of a process known as glycation.  Glycation occurs when a glucose (sugar) molecule binds to a protein molecule without the influence of enzymes, proteins that accelerate the rate of chemical reactions. In scientific terms we refer to these sugar/protein bonds as AGEs, an appropriate acronym for advanced glycosylation [glycation] end products.

“While there is not one definitive cause of aging, the different pathways—including chronic, sub-clinical inflammation, glucose/insulin imbalance, and the glycosylation of proteins (AGEs)—are closely interconnected.  All three are major players in the physical and mental deterioration that often accompany aging, accelerating with each decade.

“While wrinkled skin is the first outward appearance of glycation, most degenerative diseases are affected in one way or another by pathological  (disease-producing) glycation reactions  These reactions result in major damage to the body, including arterial stiffening, atherosclerosis, the formation of cataracts, neurological impairment, diabetic complications, wrinkled, sagging skin, and more. The formation of AGEs is responsible for serious damage to the body, both internally and externally.

“For years, scientists have thought there was no way to reverse the affects of AGEs. They tried developing anti-glycating drugs, all of which have been proven to be either ineffectual or potentially dangerous.

“That is why this book is so important.  For the first time, you will read about breakthrough strategies for both controlling and preventing the damage AGEs can cause.  Ageless Face, Ageless Mind will teach you how to holistically reverse the irreversible--from the visible damage to skin in the form of wrinkles, sagging, loss of tone and contour, as well as the invisible, internal damage in all organ systems, including age-related memory loss. You will learn:

  • How eating high-sugar, high-starch foods leads to high levels of sugar and insulin circulating in the bloodstream, which ultimately leads to glycation
  • It’s not only the foods you eat, but the way they’re prepared that influences the glycation processes.  You will learn the best cooking methods to avoid their formation
  • How to offset the AGE mechanism and increase your sensitivity to insulin with safe, effective targeted nutritional supplements that will prevent the glycation reaction--at the exact moment that the glycation is occurring—for example, when you eat sweets or grilled meats.
  • My previous books have looked at the causes of aging in organ systems, and described how chronic low-grade inflammation is a powerful underlying cause.  You will now discover the role that AGEs play in creating and exacerbating this inflammation—and perhaps most importantly, how you can control it and reverse many of its negative consequences.

“Although my initial focus is always on creating and maintaining youthful, beautiful and healthy skin, by controlling and even reversing this glycation we can now reap huge additional benefits including:

  • Prevent and reverse wrinkling, sagging skin
  • Stop insulin resistance, the precursor to Metabolic Syndrome
  • Inhibit the cross-linking of amyloid beta, the protein fragment that is the main constituent of amyloid plaques in various neurological disorders, most prominently Alzheimer's disease
  • Prevent vascular disease
  • Protect the retina and prevent retinopathy
  • Prevent kidney disease and impaired kidney function
  • Prevent cataracts
  • Prevent neurodegeneration
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Prevent the chromosomal instability that leads to cancer
  • Prevent diabetes and help alleviate symptoms in diabetes sufferers

“After decades of research we are finally getting closer to solving the mystery of how to safely and effectively prevent AGEs’ deadly and disfiguring effects.”

We recommend Dr. Perricone's new book very highly... it could make a real difference to your health and appearance!

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