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Is Fish Oil Safe for Infants? How Much is Right?
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by Craig Weatherby

The good news in today’s article about the positive effects of mothers’ omega-3 DHA intake on infants’ problem-solving abilities provides a logical opportunity to address this question in some detail (See “Moms’ Omega-3 Intake Aids Infants’ Problem-Solving”).

Dr. William Sears, AKA “America's Pediatrician”, kindly provided us with his cogent comments on the subject of fish oil for infants:

  • “While there is yet no official recommended daily allowance (RDA) for omega-3 DHA intake by infants, in a 2005 workshop sponsored by the NIH and ISSFAL they recommended at least 300 mg a day for pregnant and nursing mothers (most mothers get only 20-25% of this amount, unless they take omega-3 fish oil supplements).”

  • “The recommendation for infants is at least 200 mg of DHA per day, which is the dosage added to infant formulas. In our medical practice we have mothers take at least 500 mg of DHA per day during pregnancy and lactation.”

  • “Practically speaking, infants under one year old receive their omega-3s through mother's milk or fortified formula, but it is perfectly safe and perhaps even beneficial for infants to be given extra Vital Choice fish oil at a dose of around 300 mg a day of DHA. I stress DHA because DHA is the main brain growth omega 3...”

Note: One teaspoon of Vital Choice liquid Sockeye Salmon Oil fits Dr. Sears' guidance, as it provides about 290 mg of DHA.

This is the practical choice for infants, since each 500 mg capsule of Vital Choice Sockeye Salmon Oil contains only about 35 mg of DHA, and few will be able to swallow a capsule safely and comfortably at such a tender age.

To learn more about our Salmon Oil liquid and capsule supplements, click here.

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