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The Hamptons Diet
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A healthy new approach to low-carb eating
by Fred Pescatore, M.D.

During my five-year tenure as Associate Director of the Atkins Center, I became intimately familiar with the pros and cons of various weight control diets. While I remain convinced that low-carb diets help control weight, the evidence indicates that long term success and healthy aging depend greatly on the specific carbs and fats we choose to eat.

Accordingly, the approach outlined in The Hamptons Diet combines a basic low-carbohydrate approach with the best of the Mediterranean diet, to present a wellness-oriented approach to weight control throughout life. This innovative approach takes us closer to the “whole foods” diet that humans adapted to over many thousands of years, and therefore shuns heavily refined and processed foods: even those labeled low carbohydrate.

Since the 1930’s, increasing levels of food processing have depleted our food supply of its natural goodness. The Hamptons Diet emphasizes fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, whole grains, healthful fats—omega-3-rich fish oils andmonounsaturated olive and macadamia oils—plus healthful protein foods such as naturally raised poultry, lean, naturally raised meats, and wild fish.

Research tells us that a traditional low-carb, whole foods diet stimulates a process called thermogenesis, which yields a 10 percent boost in your resting metabolic (calorie-burning) rate. The Hamptons diet delivers this desirable effect without producing the high blood levels of ketones that extreme low-carbohydrate diets induce in order to suppress appetite artificially. It is now possible to lose up to 6 pounds per week in the initial stages of the weight loss program safely, and without entering ketosis or feeling deprived.

I also advocate eating locally grown foods in season whenever possible, to support small farms and preserve open land. By favoring natural, unprocessed, locally produced foods, we will grow closer to the natural rhythms of life, become healthier, and allow our bodies to heal themselves and lose weight quickly and safely.

About Dr. Pescatore
Fred Pescatore, M.D. is the author of the national bestseller, The Hamptons Diet, and three other best-selling health and nutrition books. He is the former medical director of the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine in New York City.  Dr. Pescatore uses Vital Choice products and recommends them to his patients. For more information, please visit

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