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More Heart-warming News on Fish
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by Randy Hartnell

Scientists just keep on harvesting good news about fish and human health, as exemplified by a study released earlier this month in the Journal of Nutrition.* Researchers at Boston’s Tufts University found that among 22 participating men and women, those eating high-fish diets enjoyed a significant reduction in medium and small very low density lipoprotein (VLDL)—the most dangerous kinds of cholesterol.

And, the study authors reported that even participants eating relatively low-fish diets showed improvements in blood cholesterol. Overall, the findings suggest that diets high in fish—but low in total fat and cholesterol—can reduce known risk factors for cardiovascular disease, which remains the number one cause of death in developed countries like the U.S..

* Li Z, Lamon-Fava S, Otvos J, Lichtenstein AH, Velez-Carrasco W, McNamara JR, Ordovas JM, Schaefer EJ. Fish consumption shifts lipoprotein subfractions to a less atherogenic pattern in humans. J Nutr. 2004 Jul;134(7):1724-8.

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