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Vital Choice Supports a (Very) Strong Woman
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Lovely power-lifter Kara Bohigian attributes some of her world-beating athletic feats to our wild fish and salmon oil

by Craig Weatherby

We love “strong women,” but didn’t know the full potential of that descriptive term until we met world-class weight-lifter Kara Bohigian at last year’s Fit Expo in Pasadena, California.

Kara really stood out when she stopped by our booth. In addition to being the current world record holder in several power-lifting events, Kara Bohigian struck us as a friendly, lovely, vivacious woman blessed with natural cheer.

She loved our salmon, and mounted a one-woman word-of-mouth campaign for Vital Choice among her colleagues. Her kind, unsolicited support that prompted us to sponsor Kara's competitive endeavors, as you can see from the Vital Choice logo on her shorts in the picture at lower right.

Many of Kara’s power-lifting peers are focused on strength-building supplements and overlook the benefits of well-rounded nutrition, which in most respects surpasses the need for and benefits of “performance” pills and powders.

Salmon and other cold-water fish deliver the complete performance promoting athletic package, including high-quality protein, healthy fats and vital nutrients (Click here to read about salmon’s bountiful sports-nutrition benefits).

Unlike many lifters and bodybuilders who consume large quantities of protein bars, powders, and milkshakes, Kara advocates getting nutrients primarily from food, for peak mental and physical performance.  We couldn’t agree more!

Kara turned in another world-class performance at the 2006 APF Alabama State Meet, where she performed bench-press

lifts of 407, 435 and 446 pounds before breaking the 165-pound-plus class World Record with a 451-pound bench press.

Her amazing 451-pound bench press is also the third highest female bench press of all time, regardless of weight class!

Here’s the letter (highlighted in red) Kara sent us after meeting again last month at the 2006 Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Classic event in Columbus, Ohio, where she set a 148-165 pound class record of 391 pounds.

Dear Randy (and everyone at Vital Choice),

Since the Arnold Classic I have broken my record from the 2006 Fit Expo three more times for a total of five world records and 10 bench presses of 400 pounds or more in 28 days.

I truly believe your fish and salmon oil supplements are allowing me to recover rapidly and be strong all the time! Vital Choice is the absolute best!

Thank you so very much for having me on the Vital Choice team. I’m so proud and honored to represent a company that provides such divine products that are also incredibly healthy.

Kara Bohigian

We can only say, “thanks, Kara, the feeling is mutual… you go, girl!”

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