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U.S. Says Fish Oil Equals Fish for Health Benefits
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Vital Choice sockeye oil superior to standard fish oil
by Craig Weatherby

There’s no controversy about the cardiovascular benefits of eating fish: especially species like salmon and mackerel, whose body fats are high in heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA). But even though the "oil" (body fat) in fish is the source of their omega-3 fatty acids, doctors had been reluctant to conclude that fish oil capsules were just as good. Now, a new government report has removed any lingering reticence to recommend fish oil capsules.

Last month, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) released three reports on omega-3 essential fatty acids (EFAs) and cardiovascular health, prepared by the Tufts-New England Medical Center in Boston.

The authors confirmed the truth of scientists’ long-standing belief that omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA protect heart health. They found that DHA and EPA substantially reduce heart attack rates, blood triglyceride levels, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) rates, artery re-blockage following angioplasty surgery, and reduce high blood pressure slightly.

The Tufts University researchers reviewed the results of 39 clinical trials and 12 "secondary prevention" studies, and reported that the evidence indicates strongly that fish oil reduces deaths from all causes. There was insufficient evidence to say that alpha-linoleic acid—the plant-derived precursor to DHA and EPA, found in nuts, seeds, and dark cooking greens—provides the same benefits.

It’s gratifying to receive this news just as we introduced our own Salmon Oil capsules. The oil in our capsules comes exclusively from wild-caught Alaskan sockeye salmon, whose widely acknowledged purity is verified by independent lab tests on our oil.

Summaries of the HHS reports are available at

Best choice is Vital Choice Sockeye Oil

While it’s great news that the U.S. government now endorses fish oil as providing health benefits comparable to those from eating whole fish, all salmon oil is not alike!

Most so-called "salmon oil" begins as a by-product of rendering plants and must be highly processed (molecularly distilled) to render it fit for human consumption. This process results in fish oil that is anything but natural, as you can see from this photo comparison. Vital Choice Sockey Salmon Oil retains the rich orange color imparted by its natural carotenoid (astaxanthin) content, which is stripped out of other "salmon oils."

In contrast, Vital Choice 100% pure Alaskan sockeye salmon oil is produced in a dedicated processing facility from freshly caught Alaskan sockeye salmon. After extraction, our oil is refrigerated in airtight containers until filtered and encapsulated in a pharmaceutical-grade processing facility. This basic yet thorough filtration process results in a pure, unadulterated salmon oil containing a rich natural formula of 34 unique health-supporting fatty acids.

If you’re looking for the most unadulterated, natural omega-3 supplement on the market, try Vital Choice Alaskan sockeye salmon capsules. It’s a difference you can even see!

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