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Radiation Tests Clear Vital Choice Fish … Again
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In September of 2012, we re-tested four of the species we offer: North Pacific albacore tuna, Alaskan halibut, Alaskan sockeye salmon, and Alaskan cod.
We chose to re-test those four species because they are the most likely – due to migration and diet habits – to accumulate any accident-related radionuclides from Japan.

New test results echo
our March, 2012 findings

Our first radiation test results were delivered to us in March of 2012.

Like the new results, those findings came from the radiation-detection experts at Eurofins Central Analytical Laboratories, who analyzed samples of our primary wild Alaskan and Pacific seafood products.

We chose Eurofins because they routinely perform food safety and radiation analyses for the U.S. FDA, the USDA, and many official bodies worldwide.

As expected, their tests detected either none of the radioactive elements released from the Japanese nuclear plant at Fukushima, or normal, very safe trace levels.
The only unsafe radionuclides (radioactive elements) released in significant amounts from the stricken nuclear plant have been Cesium 134, Cesium 137, and Iodine 131.
Reassuringly, Eurofins found no detectable Cesium-134 or Iodine 131 in any of the samples:
  • Iodine 131: None detected
  • Cesium 134: None detected
  • Cesium 137: Only Cod had a barely detectable level (1.2 Bq/kg*), just over the lowest detectable level (1.0 Bq/kg.
This is less than 15% of the maximum combined level of Cesium 137 + 134 normally found in fish (10 Bq/kg).
And it is just 0.1% of the FDA’s level of concern (DIL*) for combined Cesium 137 + 134 levels in foods (1200 Bq/kg).
Iodine 131: None detected - any Iodine 131 present fell below the detectable level (2.0 Bq/kg).
This means that all seafood tested contained less than 1.2% of the FDA’s Derived Intervention Level (DIL) for Iodine 131 (170 Bq/kg). Iodine 131 decays to safe forms within about two weeks after its creation.
*To learn about the terms referenced here (Bq/kg and DILs) – and to put the results in further perspective – see "Vital Choice Fish Pass the Test with Flying Colors”.
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