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Mom Energy Offers Expert Advice
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Mom Energy is a bracing, inspiring new book designed to help moms boost energy, overcome fatigue, and achieve their health goals.
This refreshingly clear, practical guide – subtitled A Simple Plan to Live Fully Charged – was co-authored by celebrated dietitian Ashley Koff and “fitness trainer to the stars” Kathy Kaehler.
You may recall Ashley Koff from our report on a short video titled “Bristol Bay through a Chef’s Senses”, taken during a fishing trip that some food gurus made to Alaska.
Ashley joined a top chef, author, restaurateur, and educator to see and show what’s at stake in the fight to stop a massive metals mine that would risk the world’s biggest sockeye salmon runs (see “Food Stars Join Alaskan Mine Fight”).
One reader’s
praise for Mom Energy
We thought you’d be interested what one reader had to say about the book.
Jayne P. Bowers posted this customer review on (edited for space), under the title, “Hit Reboot!”:
What's not to like about Mom Energy?
I’m a grandmother who ordered the book for one of my daughters, and now I'm not so sure she's going to get it!
It’s a treasure trove of useful information for women everywhere. You don't have to be a mom to glean some practical, helpful advice from this book.
The authors managed to combine some technical, scientific information with an upbeat writing style that conveys a can-do attitude.
Scientific terms and processes are described so that those with the most rudimentary understanding of the body will have no difficulty while the more educated with appreciate the information without feeling insulted.
The writers have a subtle sense of humor, and yet they can easily talk about mitochondria, energy exchanges, and celiac disease.
The book gives a quiz, advice on time management, information on healthy vs. unhealthy food, reminders on the restorative value of sleep, and recommendations on exercise.
As busy mothers, they've “been there, done that,” and they're offering their advice and expertise to the rest of us. 
Koff and Kaehler present a sensible, flexible, and likely very effective program for all mothers … whether their kids are still in diapers or college-bound.
Motherhood is undeniably rewarding, but also one of the most physically demanding and stressful roles anyone can play, draining women of the energy needed to “do it all” (within reason).
Mom Energy grew out of the common complaint Koff and Kaehler heard from mothers … that they run out of steam, and end up sacrificing one thing (usually their own health) to accomplish another.
But Koff and Kaehler say – and show – that these trade-offs aren’t always necessary if mothers follow some energy-gaining guidelines and avoid “energy saboteurs”.
Covering everything from energy-boosting nutrition and fitness programs to time management, Koff and Kaehler lay out a three-part program (reorganize, rehab, and recharge) to help moms boost their energy levels naturally.
The authors explain that along with enhanced energy, mothers who follow their advice will enjoy all sorts of ancillary benefits … including a stronger immune system, easier weight control, and even better relationships.
In short, Mom Energy teaches readers what helps and hurts in women’s quest for optimum energy.
About Ashley Koff and Kathy Kaehler
We’ve come to know and respect the celebrated dietitian Ashley Koff.
She’s extraordinarily good at demystifying nutrition and communicating the keys to a healthy lifestyle … in a way that inspires people to action.
Ashley Koff, RD
Her enthusiastic style is highly effective, and resulted in her being named by CitySearch as LA’s “Best Nutritionist” three years running.
Ashley appears on and contributes to leading TV shows, websites, and magazines such as The Huffington Post, Good Morning America Health, E! News, O! The Oprah Magazine, Redbook, and Natural Health.
On the lighter side (pun intended), she’s also the resident nutritionist for the CW network’s Shedding for the Wedding, and the Lifetime network’s Love Handles.
Co-author Kathy Kaehler is one of the most sought after health and fitness experts in the world, whose famous clients have included Michelle Pfeiffer, Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Aniston.
Among myriad media engagements, Kathy's appeared on The Today Show, The View, and Oprah and has contributed to InStyle, Elle, Shape, Self, Fitness, People, Prevention, and other top magazines. 
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