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Help Pick Our Next Carbon Offset Project!
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Vital Choice is committed to sustainable seafood … and our environmental stance extends beyond the seas.
As you may know, our pioneering Vital Green™ program does several environmentally beneficial things, including these three:
  • Fights global warming by offsetting the carbon emissions from shipping.
  • Enables recycling of shipping cubes via our CubeCycle™ program.
  • Provides a paperless e-Catalog to save ink, trees, and energy.
Click here to learn more about these and other aspects of our Vital Green™ program.
Every year, we support an alternative energy project, to help offset the climate- and ocean-warming effects of carbon emissions related to our customer shipments.
Since last June, we’ve supported the Greensburg, Kansas, Wind Project. On May 4, 2007, a massive tornado leveled the town and left a path of devastation two miles wide.
The residents committed to rebuild as “the greenest town in America.” Our share of the Project offset the estimated warming effects of our shipments from June 24, 2010, through June 23, 2011.
Unlike most carbon offset programs, ours takes into account the added warming effects of jet emissions at high altitudes … an effect called “radiative forcing”. This voluntary choice doubles the cost of our annual offset contribution.
This year, our partners at NativeEnergy have offered us two choices, described below.
Read about both, then pick one using the survey published in this issue>XXXXXXXXXXXXXX< … next issue, we’ll let you know which alternative energy project won!
Wewoka Biogas Project
This project will trap and destroy polluting methane gas that otherwise would be emitted from the landfill, and it will reduce the unsustainable use of fossil fuel.
The Hartsock family’s Commercial Brick Corporation started in 1925 and as the largest employer in rural Wewoka, Oklahoma, it provides jobs for hundreds of local families.
As natural gas prices rise, the Hartsocks have been searching for alternatives to heat their kilns … and the solution has come from an unexpected source: the landfill next door.
The waste in landfills decomposes without oxygen and produces methane, which seeps into the atmosphere.
Although it degrades faster in the atmosphere, methane gas is 21 times more powerful than CO2 in forcing global warming … and municipal landfills are the second largest source of human-related methane in the United States.
However, in Wewoka, landfill methane will be captured to provide renewable fuel for Commercial Brick’s kilns, and avoid some 25,000-30,000 tons per year of CO2 equivalent.
Bob Hartsock says that the discounted gas from the landfill will cover his investment and help the company remain competitive in a challenging market.
Iowa Farms Wind Project
Through the Iowa Farms Wind Project, two local farm families – the Benjegerdes and Mammens – will lease a portion of their farms to host two 1.6 MW wind turbines.
They will get wind power for their own farms and others nearby, prevent 90,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, earn family income, and raise tax revenue for the local economy.
In addition to helping the local community, installations like the Iowa Farms Wind Project enhance the grid in important ways.
Wind turbines scattered across a region temper the effects of wind energy’s variability and contribute to a more reliable grid.
Iowa Wind Turbines
Biogas-Fueled Brick Factory
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