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Tuneful Ms. Crow Sings our Tuna's Praises
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It seems that Sheryl Crow likes our albacore tuna’s pure, sustainable tune!
In her new cookbook, If It Makes You Healthy, the Grammy winning singer-songwriter uses Vital Choice “dolphin-safe, wild albacore tuna” by name in relevant recipes.
The reasons for her recommendation probably come down to these:
  • We purchase only younger, smaller albacore tuna (14 lbs. or less) for optimal purity.
  • Our MSC-certified albacore is pole-caught by hand to ensure sustainability and dolphin-safety.
  • Unlike most brands, our tuna is cooked only once, for optimal flavor, succulence, and omega-3 levels.
Thanks, Ms. Crow … we hope our tuna keeps you going on the book tour.
And if we may presume ... you'll find our canned salmon, sardines, mackerel, and crab equally exceptional!
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