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Farmed Asian Seafood Tarred by Toxins
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An NBC TV News story about foreign-farmed shrimp, catfish, and tilapia reinforces another reason to choose Vital Choice… and American seafood overall, versus Asian imports.
We offer only wild and cultured Pacific seafood and Portuguese sardines and mackerel of unquestioned purity
And FDA tests rarely find residues that violate the law in farmed American seafood... leaving aside the envrionmental and/or nutritional downsides associated with some farmed fish.
Although many producers follow the rules, “seafood imports remain problematic,” as NBC’s Today Show quoted one Congressional committee.
The report on the Today Show summarizes the ongoing story of antibiotic and pesticide residues in farmed shrimp, tilapia, crab, and catfish.
They also interviewed a spokesman from the National Fisheries Institutewhich represents American importers of foreign farmed seafood as well as American fishing interestswho defended the quality of most farmed Asian seafood.
But you can’t tell by taste or smell whether imported seafood is toxin-tainted, and the FDA only tests about two percent of imports.
Illegal levels of contaminants found in eight percent of Chinese imports, 16 percent of Taiwan’s, and disturbing proportions of farmed seafood from Vietnam and other East Asian exporters.
Sure, some of the fearsome publicity about Asian imports is encouraged by domestic fish and shrimp farmers, but the data backs up their warnings.

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