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Dr. Sears’ Simple Plan for Healthy Aging
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Following his own brush with mortality, “America’s Pediatrician” turned his attention to adult health, and produced a perfect guide to aging in excellent, energetic health
By Craig Weatherby

William Sears, M.D., is a humane, holistic pediatrician, in practice for more than 30 years,.

His wife, Martha Sears, R.N., is a registered nurse, childbirth educator, and parenting and health consultant.

Together, they’ve authored more than 30 bestsellers about baby and child care, and Bill Sears wears his informal title, “America’s Pediatrician”, very lightly.

Now Dr. Sears, again aided by Martha Sears, presents a superior anti-aging program in
Prime-Time Health: A Scientifically Proven Plan for Feeling Young and Living Longer.

The seed for this acclaimed book was planted 12 years ago, when Bill Sears was diagnosed with cancer.

Like many people, wanted to take control of his health.  But unlike most, he had the knowledge and research expertise to create a comprehensive, science based program for living a long, fit life… and it worked.

Dr. Sears restored himself after surgery and treatment by researching, developing and implementing the LEAN (Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition) regimen around which his new book is centered.

He’s now at the peak of health, as we can attest after seeing him in action during a boat trip we hosted for Dr. Sears and his wife (and frequent co-author) Martha Sears, R.N.

Last summer, the Sears joined us for a week-long small boat journey through southeast Alaska’s gorgeous network of whale- and island-filled channels, called the Inside Passage.

Dr. Sears stunned us early in the trip when he disappeared below deck, reappeared in a swim suit, causally slipped off our boat into glacial Alaskan waters, swim around a small iceberg… and repeated the feat a few minutes later. None of us younger folk had the courage to follow!

In Prime-Time Health, Dr. Sears explores how to keep each body system healthy and delay age-related declines.

Written in Dr. Sears’ famously accessible and entertaining style,
Prime-Time Health is a practical program to help you live your best life possible-pain-free, disease-free, stress-free, and medication-free.

He translates the latest medical science in a comprehensive, accessible program that is hard to resist and easy to follow.

In Part I, Dr. Sears helps readers understand how the body changes with age, and Part II shows us how to achieve and maintain healthy body systems, from your heart, brain, gut, and senses, to your breathing, bones, joints, and skin.

Part III, which includes Chapter 13, "Eat Well with the Sixteen Superfoods”, covers the importance of weight loss and better nutrition.  We're honored that he gives Vital Choice a nod in the section titled "What kind of fish is best?" (page 193 of the hardcover edition), where he recommends
wild Alaskan salmon as having "the heart-healthiest oil profile".

He also recommends other fish we offer in his "Traffic-Light Seafood" guide to the purest, healthiest seafood (page 195), where his "Green-Light" options include wild Alaskan salmon (
frozen or canned), troll-caught Pacific tuna (frozen or canned), sardines, Pacific shrimp, Alaskan sablefish, Alaskan halibut, and Pacific cod.

Part IV offers the science behind – and guidance for – quelling inflammation that leads to heart disease and cancer, and in Part V, Dr. Sears addresses fitness with practical exercise advice.

Finally, in Part VI he guides readers to their personal Prime-Time Plan, using self-tests and list-making exercises.

Amusing, encouraging, and memorable tips and slogans appear in text, boxes, sidebars, and illustrations to enliven his life-enhancing narrative.

These are some the accolades that
Prime-Time Health has attracted:
  • “Prime-Time Health is a classic. It is not just a health book; it is a compelling and captivating portal to success, happiness, and the hope that life is wondrous and limitless when you are healthy and fit.” – Vincent Fortanasce, MD, author of The Anti-Alzheimer Prescription
  • “A very important and exciting book. Its strength is in its simplicity. I recommend it without any reservation whatsoever.” – Stephen T. Sinatra, MD, FACC, CNS, author of The Sinatra Solution
  • “Chock full of things you can actually do to improve your health. Dr. Sears's new book gives so many insights and is presented in an easy and accessible way.” – Mark Liponis, MD, coauthor of Ultraprevention and author of Ultralongevity
  • “In his usual science-made-simple style, Dr. Sears shows how your body can make its own internal medicines to act like a fountain of youth. I enjoyed reading Prime-Time Health from cover to cover. I recommend you read it, and then do it.” – Dr. Louis J. Ignarro, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (for demonstrating the signaling properties of nitric oxide), and author of No More Heart Disease
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