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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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How does your Wild Salmon Oil for Pets differ from the Wild Salmon Oil for people?

  1. Salmon Oil for Pets does not undergo micro-filtering, which means it may contain tiny bits of salmon protein, and has slightly higher omega-3 levels, compared with our micro-filtered Salmon Oil for People .
  2. Salmon Oil for Pets is not certified pure and potent by NSF.
  3. Salmon Oil for Pets is not tested for PCBs/dioxins. However, the very same salmon oil is used for our Salmon Oil for People, and that oil is tested for PCBs/dioxins, so it is reasonable to presume that those results apply to both products. 
Since our Salmon Oil for Pets is not certified by an independent group such as NSF, how can you be sure that it is safe and nutritious for your pet?
  • First and foremost, wild Alaskan salmon is universally ranked among the purest fish in the sea, by private and public agencies alike. (For example, Alaskan salmon  is caregorized "Super Green" by the Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch program, meaning that is both sustainably harvested and exceptionally pure.) For more on this topic, visit our Purity page.
  • And every harvest year, all of our sockeye salmon oil (whether it is destined for human or pet use) undergoes an initial test for nutrient content (omega-3s/vitamin A/vitamin D) and contaminants, including mercury, heavy metals, arsenic, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and oxidation. Those test results apply to our Salmon Oil for Pets and can be provided upon request.
Our Salmon Oil for People undergoes a second round of tests overseen by NSF, that includes tests for PCBs/dioxins, in order to earn NSF certification and the blue NSF seal you'll see on the Salmon Oil for People products.
How is our Salmon Oil for Pets produced?
Like our regular Sockeye Salmon Oil for people, our Salmon Oil for Pets is steam-extracted from the heads of freshly harvested sockeye salmon, and kept stored under nitrogen in sealed containers until it is ready to be bottled. Processing temperatures never exceed 250 degrees F, to protect its omega-3 fatty acids.
Like our Salmon Oil for People, our Salmon Oil for Pets is not chemically refined or distilled, so it closely reflects the nutritional profile of its source sockeye salmon, making it a “whole food” supplement.
In addition to ample omega-3s, our Salmon Oil for Pets provides small amounts of vitamin D, vitamin A, and astaxanthin (the orange-hued, carotene-class antioxidant pigment natural to wild salmon).

Our Guarantee

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