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Product Reviews

Wild Salmon Jerky Strips - 6 oz package

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Average Ratings: 4.6


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M K Morgan on 6/20/2016 4:33:23 AM


Review: I bit fishy taste but I enjoy them.

"wonderful wild salmon jerky"

Kathleen R on 6/18/2016 3:47:43 PM


Review: These jerky strips are delicious and travel very well in hot weather. My sons love them , so we like to have them on hand for long road trips.

"Too bad :-("

Katie on 6/5/2016 6:00:56 AM


Review: Too bad, I was looking for an alternative to beef jerky, but I didn't like these. They are too sweet and plastic-y tasting. Also, the packaging is too hard to open without a scissors and the jerky breaks off too easily, so that you have to struggle with opening the wrapper constantly. This makes these unpractical on the go, which defeats the point of a jerky snack. I'm sad to say, I'm returning these. - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. I do see you have spoken with our Customer Service Team regarding this issue. Thank you! Vital Choice

"Wild Salmon Jerky Strips"

Joshua Z on 4/25/2016 9:08:02 AM


Review: Great tasting. Perfect snack.


Pat P on 4/18/2016 7:44:59 PM


Review: Not very tender and quite fishy-tasting - Thank you for ordering with Vital Choice. We are sorry to hear you found the Salmon Jerky to be fishy and not tender. Our Customer Service Team will reach out to you today. Thank you!

"So Good!"

Grace B on 3/29/2016 8:39:41 AM


Review: Wonderful flavor and texture! These are So Good to keep in your purse for a healthy snack when you are on the go.

"Salmon Jerky Strips"

Eloise E on 3/14/2016 9:15:16 AM


Review: I just re-ordered this product again, it lasted 1 day, it is so good, the quality, the taste that comes with it, makes it really hard to resist

"not what i hoped"

mom from midwest on 3/7/2016 5:58:40 AM


Review: I had very high hopes for this item, but was disappointed when I opened. The jerky was quite fishy smelling and tasting... more so than the typical Vital Choice salmon filet. I usually purchase the delicious King Salmon filets. Also... it is quite thin and extremely tough to chew. I may even have to pull my scissors out and cut tiny strips to finish these off! Will not be purchasing again.

"Great taste"

Jan on 3/4/2016 6:58:12 AM


Review: I love the taste of this jerky

"Salmon Jerky"

Ralph M on 2/23/2016 1:13:00 PM


Review: Great jerky. I like the fact that it has less salt than others. I wish there was a jerky without salt.


diane on 2/18/2016 2:36:55 PM


Review: This is very good...wish it was a bit thicker but love it...great snack food!!!


diane on 2/18/2016 2:36:33 PM


Review: This is very good...wish it was a bit thicker but love it...great snack food!!!

"Tasty Snack"

Charles Hicks on 12/10/2015 6:24:39 AM


Review: If you want a tasty snack and are trying to wean yourself off of candy and cookies, why not reach for a salmon jerky stick? They are mildly sweet from the curing process and still has those good omega 3s that we need to keep our body healthy. The best part about salmon jerky is that it tastes really good.

"Love these!"

Lisa V on 11/5/2015 3:52:59 AM


Review: Love these! And, they are gluten-free!

"Good Item"

Ed Hill on 10/31/2015 8:31:52 PM


Review: These are good...I've tried another brand and find these have a better taste and "last" longer. There're aren't many places that offer GOOD salmon jerky.

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